2-Min Quick Guide to Tackling Open WOD 17.1


Quick Guide to Tackling Open WOD 17.1 Velites
If you want to be competitive on Open WOD 17.1, then you’ll need to accept that this is going to start to suck really fast. You can pace, but not too much, because with a time cap of 20 minutes and 150 dumbbell snatch and 75 burpee box jump overs to complete, if you’re not moving, you’re not finishing. Here are our quick tips to tackling 17.1 this weekend.

Find a pace you can maintain

This is one of those WODs which looks simple, but is a killer if you’re going at it hard. If you blow out on the first round of burpee box jump overs and have no shoulders and lungs left going into your 20 and 30 on the snatch, you’re going to grind to a halt.

Instead, find a pace which allows you to be constantly moving through reps, while still being able to maintain your breathing. Breathing will be key here. Whatever you have left at the end, empty it.

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On the burpee box jump overs, try to hold as consistent a pace as possible for as long as possible. Don’t let those get away. If you watch Sam Briggs (time 10:14) do her burpees, she hops up and jumps straight onto the box. If you can do that, it’ll save you time, if not, step, then jump.

Stay low on the box

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You do not need to extend on top of the box, so stay low, save time, save your legs.

Guide to Tackling Open WOD 17.1  Velites

Save your shoulders

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Get on the deck as quickly as possible, and minimize the amount of pressing you’re doing on your burpee.

Quick hands on the snatch

The dumbbell is light enough that it won’t be flying all over the place because you need to drop it. Control it down, and have your other hand ready to take over.

Consistency pays off on the snatch

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Over 30, 40, 50 dumbbell snatch, ripping them from the floor and being sloppy will not pay off. You’ll burn your grip, shoulders and lungs out, and gain nothing. Move well, stay consistent, and keep your breathing under control.

Tape your thumbs

Should go without saying, but tape your thumbs, protect them from the dumbbell.Good luck. Have fun. Buy your Velites Fire 2.0 jump rope now, ready for whatever’s coming next. 15% off everything, this week only.

Quick Guide to Tackling Open WOD 17.1 Velites
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