5 secret tools to reduce injuries and improve mobility

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Let’s talk clearly, mobility and daily body maintenance are some of those skills that make a difference when it comes to improving your range of movement, avoiding or reducing the possibility of injury, recovering before and help you achieve your goals faster either in Crossfit , obstacle races or other high intensity sports.

But are you really practicing them correctly?

Do you have at your disposal the necessary tools to achieve lasting improvements?

Today we are going to see the 5 tools to maintain your body at 100% while improving mobility. Go for it!


1- The Foam roller

It is undoubtedly one of the tools with more applications for body maintenance.

It helps to replace the blood “trapped” in the charged areas helping to regenerate with new nutrients and oxygen tissues.

Massaging with the foam roller is like lubricating the muscles.

This benefits in an improvement of the ranges of movement getting training with less pain and less risk of injury.

It also helps to recover loaded areas … Everyone should have one in the living room at home.

Use it while watching TV or you are at home before going to sleep. you will recover faster the areas loaded with daily stress.

PRO TIP: Use a double Foam roller for different sensations and body areas.


2- Lacrosse ball

Like the Foam Roller, this small rubber sphere allows to release tension, but in more loaded areas, difficult to access and smaller muscle areas …

Especially useful for releasing load on the neck, buttocks, hamstrings, breasts, upper back and shoulders.

It is the perfect ally of the foam roller to improve recovery and daily body maintenance. Take it with you anywhere.

PRO TIP:  Combine its use with the foam roller for greater effectiveness.


3- Magma and Polar Creams

When the pain has already appeared we must use heavy artillery.

Natural creams such as Magma and Polar with essential oils allow to prepare and repair damaged areas much more effectively.

Natural elements such as arnica, gingko biloba or hypericum combined with the effects of intense heat or cold help you boost, recovery and oxygenate your body.

They are your ally when the damage is done. Recover quickly without external help is a longer process. Combine them with a light massage after using the foam roller or the lacrosse ball.

PRO TIP:  Verify that the formulations are specific for high intensity sports and without chemicals such as Magma and Polar.

4- Rubber Bands

If daily body maintenance is achieved with the first three elements, improving mobility is the undisputed terrain of elastic bands.

With them you will protect muscles and joints while achieving improvements. They are perfect thanks to their incredible versatility when combined with the rest of the Box or gym material.

The mobility of the ankle, hip or shoulder are key to being able to correctly execute all the exercises. Elastic bands will allow just that.

Recommendation PRO: Use 2 bands of different thickness depending on the exercises and improvement goals.


5- Contrast Hydrotherapy

If you have access to a water area, massages and cold water, it is highly recommended that you use them to calm down  or before performing the rehabilitation of an injury.

The contrasts improve circulation, increase muscle elasticity and accelerate metabolism.

Cold water between 10 – 20 º for 1 or 2 minutes and hot water between 38º-44º between 4 and 6 minutes.

So far the 5 essential elements to work mobility and have a correct body maintenance.

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