6 Reasons to Sign up for CrossFit Open 2017. Ready?


Three weeks to go and the 2017 CrossFit Games season will officially start. First Open workout will be released on February 23rd. Ready?

CrossFit Open is an annual online competition which gathers thousands of crossfitters from all over the World. Open’s biggest attribute is its accessibility; the competition is open to people of all levels, all ages and all backgrounds.

Although over the past couple of years the gap between CrossFit (as a sport to reclaim health and fitness) and the Games (pro level) has widened. Open is that part of the year when both worlds unite.

This means that when you register for the CrossFit Open, you literally compete against Rich Froning or Katrin Davidsdottir.

Reasons to be in the open 2017 Velites

Without a doubt, athletes’ strongest motivating factors are progress and social bonding. The Open has both; most people will join not to progress to the Regionals, but to beat their last year’s best, or to simply take part and be part of the community.

How to join the CrossFit Open

Your coach probably, or hopefully, already has a plan.

The Open is usually done within regular classes, most often during weekends as workouts are released on Friday morning (European time).

Sign up for CrossFit Open

In case your gym does not organise the Open WODs hours, do the following steps: visit the official CrossFit Games website: and find the red button “register”.

After filling out the requested info, signing the waiver, paying the fee of 20$, the system will automatically place you in one of the 18 categories.

Don’t worry about RX or Crossfit open 2017 scaled, the choice is made for each workout separately.

Once all those steps are taken, your name will pop up on the Open leaderboard. New edition in 2017 is the Masters 35-40 age group.

Other than that, things look pretty similar previous years. The Open consists of five workouts which are released throughout the five weeks. Every Thursday evening, Friday morning for Europe, the CrossFit Games director Dave Castro will announce the workout for the following week.

If you haven’t noticed, he already gave a hint: Turkish get ups.

Important things to keep in mind are the schedule, providing yourself with a reliable camera to film the workouts and a judge. A judge is usually a friend who has completed the CrossFit’s online course for judging.

Schedule for 2017 Open:

  • 17.1: Feb. 23 – 27
  • 17.2: March 2 – 6
  • 17.3: March 9 – 13
  • 17.4: March 16 – 20
  • 17.5: March 23 – 27

RX or scaled?

Once again athletes will have to face a choice: RX or scaled? Don’t stress too much about it.

CrossFit is about doing what fits your current level of fitness. Although RX will automatically place you higher (not if you perform zero reps), don’t do it unless you are certain you can safely execute all the prescribed movements. If not, scaled division is a far better strategy or let’s say training, as it will allow you to go faster and stronger, and most importantly safer.

The level can be chosen for each workout separately. Which means if you are not able to do the workout as RX, choose scaled option for the following week.

Do you need a good reason to sign up?

Although competiveness is one of the most recognizable traits of crossfit, most of us won’t participate in the Open with a goal of advancing to the Regionals. The contrary, most of us will do it for the sake of simply doing the Open.

Join the CrossFit Open velites
And if not, here are six reasons why you should join the 2017 CrossFit Open:

Reason #1.- For some, Open is a tradition.

For many crossfitters around the Globe, Open presents some kind of a tradition, an annual “throwdown” to celebrate the journey or let’s better say their transformation through the sport.

A lot of people have changed lives with crossfit and Open gives them a change to embrace and celebrate that change.

Reason #2.- It helps you find your inner athlete. 

Taking part in the Open is a bit different than just doing a regular class.

Those five weeks are spiced up with nervousness on what the workouts will be like, a pinch of competitiveness and a lot of support from your fellow box members.

A combo which makes you go stronger and faster, and a reason a lot of people, of all levels, start to feel they do possess a certain dose of athleticism.

Reason #3.- To support your crossfit box. 

Coaches love to see their community coming together and most importantly their members get along (without any kind of drama of course).

Open offers a chance to connect with the fellow members; supporting each other through Castro’s choice of movements and reps. Camaraderie and friendship are developed through hardships, and well also having good fun. Open is both.

Coming together as a team, doing the Open without focusing on the end result but the journey itself, is a really strong way to say “thank you” to your coach. 

Reason #4.- To experience a bit of a competition adrenaline rush.

Not everyone wants to run a marathon, but a lot of people want to get a competition experience. Before doing any real-life events, Open offers a great way to test the waters.

Competitions are thrilling, exciting and give a sense of achievement. We all have that drive to experience a taste of the latter. Though your highest heart rate probably won’t happen in the actual WOD, but on Friday morning while opening the CrossFit Games site, looking for the workout.

Reason #5.- Without knowing, you might be inspiring someone.

Each year CrossFit Open Fx and scaled reveals stories that inspire millions of people across the worldwide community. While your reach might not be counted in millions, you do get through to the people around you.

Showing up, being disciplined to start and finish each workout, putting in all the effort regardless of the results can inspire a whole bunch of people, from your family to friends and co-workers.  

Reason #6.- To check off one goal of 2017.

No doubt a lot of crossfitters set Open participation, and completion, as one of the goals for 2017.

Your chance to achieve it will come up in three weeks, on February 23rd, when the first workout 17.1 will be announced.

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Good luck to all our fans taking part in the Open. Don’t forget to have fun.

good reason to sign up crossfit open

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