8 Full-body Fitness Workouts to Build Muscle and Burn Fat


Fitness is about building muscle or losing fat, or both at once. While the outlook might be the main goal, muscle-building/fat-shredding workouts come with a whole bunch of other health benefits.

Muscles support our upright body posture and help preventing chronic pain. Lower body fat percentage helps our heart and other organs function better. Both support our longevity and help us enjoy an active, healthy life.  

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Fitness is a lifestyle and yes, abs are still made in the kitchen. If you are looking to shape or tone your body for summer, you will have to dial in your nutrition as well. But if you are curious about new ways of training, we have eight full-body fitness workouts which will help you build muscle, burn fat and feel better overall.

Full-body fitness workouts are more fun

Complex routines save time and make more out of a less. They go well with everyday problems such as “on-the-road” or “no-time to work out”. The following workouts are a mix of strength, stability and cardio. Some are classic bodybuilding sessions, others will make you shake and sweat. All of them are more fun than the old school split-days routines.

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Have a look at our list of 8 full-body fitness workouts.

  1. The barbell only training session

The following workout has a classic hypertrophy scheme: 3 sets of 8-12 reps, same weight, of everything. Try to push as hard as you can, but make sure your technique stays clean. Do not perform it more than three times a week.

3 sets of 8-12 reps of:
1. Back squat
2. Deadlift
3. Shoulder press
4. Upright row
5. Seated good morning
6. Sit ups with a barbell

Sit ups with a barbell (hold it overhead, elbows extended) can be tough, but this exercise is a great “burner” to finish the workout in true bodybuilding fashion. Video: 


  1. The functional fitness routine

Keep the weights low but pay attention to technique and body awareness. This fitness routine is a mix of strength, stability and a little bit of aerobics at the very end of the workout.

3 sets of 8-12 reps of:
1. Front squat
2. Hip thrusts
3. Single leg deadlift (barbell)
4. 1-arm bent row (dumbbell or kettlebell)
5. Russian twist
6. Jump rope (100-200 single- or double-unders)

Single leg deadlift is a great exercise to steadily build strength and stability. Make sure you are not rotating the hips. Video: 

  1. The sweat session

This session will make you sweat. Rest three minutes between each superset. Do not rush, but try to rest as little as possible between the four rounds of exercises.

Superset 1: 4 rounds
8x Deadlift
1 minute plank

Superset 2:  4 rounds
8x Dumbbell squat clean
12x burpee

Superset 3: 4 rounds
8x Pull up or ring row
12x Alt lunge jumps

Anyone can achieve pull ups. Here’s how:

  1. Feel the burn

If you like the pain, this is one of the full-body fitness workouts you necessarily have to try. Keep the tempo slow and focus on targeting the main muscles groups: legs in set one, upper body in set two. 

3-set 1, 5 rounds: 1 minute pause between the rounds
16x Alt step up with dumbbells/kettlebells
8x Bulgarian split squat, left leg
8x Bulgarian split squat, right leg
10x Back squat jumps

3-set 2; 5 rounds: 1 minute pause between the rounds
8x Bench press
8x Push up
8x Ring row 

Bulgarian split squat is actually a lunge with the back leg fixated on a bench. Video: 

Full-body workouts you can do at home

  1. The no-equipment home workout

You do not need equipment to do a good training. Just follow those rules: touch your knee with both hands at the lower point of each single leg deadlift and keep your back straight. Use a chair or a table to support your dips.

8 rounds:
10x single leg deadlifts, left leg
10x single leg deadlifts, right  leg
10x single leg hip thrusts, left leg
10x single leg hip thrusts, right leg
10x sit ups
10x dip

You can always use a chair or a table to perform exercises such as dips. Video: 

  1. The “no time to work out” routine

This is a quick, simple routine that takes no more than 15 minutes. If you have gym equipment such as dumbbells or kettelbells, use them for the first two exercises. If not, not worries, pace yourself faster to make the set more challenging.

5 rounds, as many reps as possible:
minute 1: lunges
minute 2: squats
minute 3: push ups 

If you can’t do a push up yet, here’s a tutorial to achieve one. Video: 

Take fitness outside

  1. The intense full-body fitness challenge

Find a steep hill. If you don’t have a bar, or a tree, for pull ups, swap them with push ups. Repeat the set 3-4 times, rest and recover fully between the rounds. This is that one workout where your stomach might get a bit upset.

16x pull ups (or ring/bar rows)
8x lunges (left leg)
8x lunges (right leg)
16x squats
5x broad jumps
Uphill sprint until failure 

Uphill sprints? Yes, please. Video: 

  1. Outdoor workout for beginners

The workout should be done at lower intensity. If you can’t do a push up (yet), find a bench or a tree and scale it. Do not sprint or exhaust yourself within the first minutes of the workout. Your goal is to move for 20-30 minutes.

Run or fast walking for 20-30 min
each new minute: 3 push ups and 3 squats

Before performing squats, warm up and prepare your body. Video: 

If you feel insecure about the technique or execution of a certain exercise, find a certified trainer and learn the movements first. Keep health a priority. But also, whatever workout you decide to tackle on, make sure you have fun.

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