How to adjust your rope for double unders. All you need to know.

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Before turning to the actual process of how to adjust your skipping rope for double unders, to suit your physique and height, let us consider the consequences of using a wrongly adjusted rope. These can basically be divided into 3:

  • Injuries that may be caused by a wrongly adjusted rope. 
  • Loss of energy efficiency in performing double unders
  • Maintenance and wear of the rope.
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Avoiding injuries while skipping due to a wrongly adjusted rope.

With regard to injuries, we must consider the joint which is used most in double unders: the wrists.

If you do exercises with your Crossfit rope wrongly adjusted, it can cause overexertion of the small muscles that protect the wrist joint. When this inflammation occurs, you will find it almost impossible to do your double unders efficiently.

Another possible consequence of adjusting your rope incorrectly, is that if you have made it too short, there is a risk of tripping over the rope, landing wrongly and ending up with an ankle injury. This is particularly evident in people who are just starting to skip. 

Adjust your jumping rope to Avoiding injuries

In skipping, your enemy is energy inefficiency.

The second consequence of using a wrongly adjusted rope is the inefficiency of movement and the consequent unnecessary energy expenditure this causes to the athlete. This may also lead you to get used to using the wrong movement mechanics during workouts, which would prevent you from getting the most out of your effort and steadily progressing in technique and speed.

Therefore, adjusting your rope properly will make you more efficient in your workouts and help you achieve better results with less effort.

Adjusting your rope incorrectly will affect the wear and maintenance of the rope.

Finally, keep in mind that if the rope is longer than it should be, this can also cause significant wear of the cable due to excessive friction with the ground. This ultimately results in an economic expenditure in parts and accessories, which is often unnecessary or could have been put off considerably.

Having discussed the main consequences of adjusting your ropes incorrectly, we will now show you the different ways to adjust your rope properly. 

A) Adjusting your skipping rope according to your body height.

This technique for adjusting the length of the jumping rope cable is very straightforward. Simply measure your height, for example, 1.8 metres, and multiply this distance by 1.5.

Cable length = Height x 1.5

Adjust your jumping rope for double unders Adjusting the rope according to your body height
Length skipping rope height

So for a person with a height of 1.8 metres the ideal cable length is 2.7 metres (1.8 x 1.5 = 2.7 m). Note that this length will always exclude the length of the handles.

B) Handles to shoulder technique

Another technique you can use is to hold the handles on your shoulders in an upright position while treading on the rope with one of your feet with your leg perfectly straight.

The bottom edge of the rope handles should coincide exactly with the upper limit of your shoulders. The following figure shows this rope adjustment process in detail.

Adjust your skipping rope for double unders Handles to shoulder technique

C) Nipple technique. 

Finally, we present the method we recommend for adjusting both your own ropes and any other rope. This method is the most effective and my view, the one giving greatest precision when adjusting the rope. Simply step on the rope as in the previous case and bring the handles up to the nipple on the same side as the foot with which you are treading on the rope.

The following diagram shows the process.

Nipple technique to adjust your skipping rope for double unders

  1. You’ve seen three techniques you can use and all of them will give similar results in obtaining a correct length of cable. Remember that if you are a beginner, you can extend the distance of any of the three methods by 2-5 cm, no more. This will help you pick up the technique better, especially if it is the first time you are trying double unders or other complex movements.

    Greater cable length will give you the option to gradually reduce the length of the cable to the ideal length as you gain experience. What did you think of this article? Had any problems in adjusting the cable length of your rope? Do you know any other method?

If you have experience or want to leave your opinion, you can do it in the comments.

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