What are the ballasts used for in the jump rope?


What are the ballasts used for in the jump rope?
It is very well known that jump rope training is one of the best fitness exercises in today’s times. It ranges from coordination, balance, speed, flexibility, weight loss, conditioning, and more.

Within the different modalities of jump ropes existing, one is gaining more and more popularity with passing time. This particular mode includes adding weights to your jump rope, yes, nothing very extra, just a little weight on the sides of your jump rope and you’re good to go!

What are the benefits of jumping rope?

The connoisseurs of the jump rope swear by a lot of benefits that the jump rope has introduced them to. Some of these are:

  • Weightloss
  • Improved Cardiovascular endurance
  • Proper usage of muscles
  • Increased coordination
  • Improvement in agility and speed
  • Elimination of stress
  • Improved breathing
  • Prevention of future injuries
  • No extra elements, just one jump rope.


Observing all of these benefits of jump ropes, anybody would be roped in into trying them. Jump ropes are an excellent option for training or working out as they require minimal investment and are extremely easy and fun.

What are the benefits of training with weighted jump ropes?

This little new element added to your workout routine can do wonders. Introducing weights added to your jump ropes will evidently show a difference in no time. It will inspire you to work harder and the added benefits will glue you to this new way of training yourself.

Burn more calories

Jumping rope burns calories. But jumping with a weighted rope increases this benefit and also speeds up the process. Your body automatically will work harder and the balance and flexibility of your body will also improve.

More muscles will then be activated and all this will lead you to burn more calories in a short time. The benefit of adding weights to the jump rope will be seen with each jump.

Simple learning curve

For most beginners, jumping rope requires a lot of coordination and generates a lot of frustration with stumbling or mistakes as it generates a speed that is not easy to sustain.

When the weights are added in the jump rope, it makes a difference. The rotation is slowed down because of the weights, and hence the speed of the jumps also slows down a bit and is more manageable that way. Therefore, more resources are needed but the coordination of each jump is more measured, so it can be learned faster than a traditional jump rope. When you go back to jumping with a light rope you will notice the difference and you will see that you go faster.

You work more muscles

If you are looking for an exercise to improve your body building, maybe the jump rope will be not your first option. But things change when you use a jump rope weighted down.

By adding weight, it will be distributed in the whole jump rope equally and therefore your arms, your shoulders, back, neck, and upper body will work and the change will be evident.

After a 20 minute workout, you will notice how you have worked your full body.

What are the best jump ropes to use ballasts?

In today’s market, you will find a wide variety of jump ropes to use ballasts. It is important that you know their differences and that you know which are the best so that you can choose a quality product for your training.

Fire rope 2.0: Weights on the jump rope handle

It is a jump rope pack for both cardio, works, or strength training. It has the particularity that you use the Velites Fire 2.0 jump rope to which you add the weight according to your preference, which makes it perfect for anyone since it can be adjusted perfectly.

It measures 3.5 meters, but it is on the handle that you have the adjustment system. This package includes 6 weights of 25 gr, 50 gr and 100 gr so you can combine them as you improve your training.

The Comba Fire 2.0 jump ropes are made of aluminum and are considered the lightest in the market.

Earth 2.0: More ballast and different cables

If you are looking for flexibility in a jump rope, you will love Earth 2.0. It is a jump rope that has modular handles, which means that you will be able to adjust the weight you add to it.

In addition, it has a unique anchoring system for the cable to be able to change it according to your preferences.

With this system, you will have a complete package to change the weight and the cable as you progress in your training. And all this with a very simple system where in a few seconds you will have changed all the elements to have the jump rope you want for that particular exercise.

We hope that all this information motivates you to take the step and try the ballasts in the jump rope, because you will notice all its benefits immediately.


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