50 Christmas gift ideas for your favourite crossfit athletes


No matter how you feel about the upcoming Christmas Holiday craze, excited or anxious, your favourite crossfitters are expecting a gift.

From new training shoes and weightlifting belts to protein chocolate and paleo snacks, deciding on what crossfit gift to buy can get quite stressful.
No panic, Velites Sport is here to help. Read through our list of 50 Christmas gift ideas for crossfit athletes.


50 Christmas gift ideas for crossfit athletes

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1. The newest crossfit trainers

Besides MetCons and Nanos, there are plenty of other training brands which entered the functional fitness market in the past few years. Your choice really depends on the personal preferences.

2. Wooden gymnastic rings

For someone who likes gymnastics, this is a beautiful Christmas gift. Buy the wooden gymnastic rings as they are much more comfortable to work with.  

3. VROPE FIRE jump rope

During Holidays most boxes close their doors and they only way to do training is to use the equipment you have at home.

Get a jump rope and tackle on WODs like Annie. If you are looking for a high quality speed rope, The Vropes Fire 2.0 is the most advanced jump rope for crossfit athletes on the market.

vropes-fire-2-velites-sport-Christmas gift ideas

4. Smartphone cases for crossfit junkies

If you are looking for a simple gift, smartphone cases are the choice to go with. Make sure you buy the ones with “Call FRAN for a good time…” or similar crossfit wording.

5. Barbell toys for kids

Don’t forget about the younger generation. They expect something. If you want to raise a crossfitter, plastics barbells are the way to start.

6. Leather weightlifting belt

The strongmen black leather or the golden wonder woman, nowadays belts come in all colours and designs.

7. Crossfit girls jewellery

Not any kind of jewellery, but crossfit kind of jewellery. Tiny kettebells, barbells and motivational quotes “she lifts”.

8. Multifunctional training bag

Get a multifunctional training bag, meaning this bag also has a space for Tupperware and protein shaker, dirty clothes and cosmetics. Also, it needs to store at least two pairs of trainers, a few t-shirts, leggings, shorts and trousers.

9. Cute looking wristbands

For crossfitters, wristbands are a fashion statement. The offer is huge and the choice depends on the fashion sense your better half, or a friend, has.

10. Olympic weightlifting shoes

Performing Olympic lifts is much safer and more efficient with solid weightlifting shoes. If you are buying a gift for someone who has just enrolled into the world of iron and metal, this is the perfect gift.

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11. Mobility tools: Foam roller

Recovery is not just sleeping and eating, but also massaging and working on mobility. Foam roller is a perfect gift for crossfitters who love to spend time in front of TV while also enjoying the pain of myofascial release.

Kit movility de @rocktape en @wodelement #wodelement #rocktape

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12. Fitness magazine subscription

There are several magazines on the market, offering insights into the world of crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and fitness in general.

13. Velites hand repairing balm

Hand care is part of training or let’s say recovery. Ripped hands mean lower quality training and inefficient performance. Velites hand repairing balm is made entirely out of natural ingredients without any use of chemicals.

Christmas gift ideas crossfit hand repairing balm

14. New tights or training leggings

Because women never have enough of those and their training wardrobe needs to be updated with new leggings on regular basis. And because in winter men also love to wear training tights.  

15. Paleo snacks for hungry athletes

Buy a box or a basket and load it with all kinds of paleo snacks. From beef jerky and bulletproof coffee beans to paleo protein bars and coconut oil, the choice is big.

Coffee isn’t a want, it’s a need ?☕️

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16. Training journal to keep track with PRs

To measure the progress, training journal is a must-have. You don’t have to buy the boring black edition, especially when there are so many crossfit-like looking journals available across different online shops.

Tabata day #WOD #AimHarder #App Best WOD tracker EVER. Download #AimHarder free on your iPhone/Android

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17. SkullBell or DemonBell

Kettlebells come very in handy for the days you can’t make it to the gym. If you want to be creative, but the one that looks like a skull, demon or gorilla.

18. Tickets for the CrossFit Games 2017

The tickets haven’t been released yet, but the dates are out which means plane tickets can already be purchased.

19. Shin guards for rope climbing

Rope can damage the skin to the point it becomes too painful to continue. To prevent the burns, professional athletes use shin guards on regular basis.

20. Healthy meal delivery subscription

Always hungry and no time to cook? Check out the local healthy meal delivery offer. You can order food for the whole week ahead, making sure your fridge won’t get empty.

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21. VHANCE cooling and warming lotions

Warm up for the workout, cool down after it. Heat or cold effect, lotions come in handy to keep your muscle warm or cool depending on the phase of the training.

Christmas gift ideas crossfit athletes sport lotions

22. Hilarious crossfit t-shirts

Do you want to make fun of a friend? Buy them a shirt full of crossfit or training sarcasm. And before you do, make sure he or she understands the joke.

23. Crossfit box membership

This is the most beautiful gift you can give to somebody you love. Full year of training, growth and fun.

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24. EMS muscle stimulator for better recovery

EMS or electrical muscle stimulation has become extremely popular among athletes in terms of enhancing a recovery.

25. Motivational crossfit mug for morning coffee

CrossFit has recently released mugs for all avid crossfitters. If you are a true crossfit enthusiast that is a must have item for you.  

26. Smartphone mount to film a workout

Smartphone mount takes away the pain of filming a qualifier workout by allowing you to place the camera practically anywhere in the box you want.

27. Stance socks

When you are a true crossfit athlete, sock game has to be on point.

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28. Loads of peanut butter

We are talking about those huge packages like a 5 kg container (at least). Who wouldn’t be surprised or scared by that kind of a gift?

29. Training gloves to keep your hands healthy

You never know when this piece of equipment will be urgent to use. Sometimes gloves are the best way to protect the hands from being torn.

I’m in love with my new training gloves #reebokgloves ❤ #fitbadass awesome

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30. Multivitamins to boost your immune system

Winter can be quite a challenge for our immune system. Any kind of vitamins can help you fight the cold temperatures, viruses and the people around being sick.

31. Beef protein powder

Best gift for the crossfitters who struggle with lactose digestion or don’t like the (traditional) whey. Beef proteins are stomach friendly and come with a pretty good taste. Choose chocolate.

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32. Abmat for sit-ups or handstand push-ups

If your friends already have gymnastic rings, kettlebells and parallels, then abmat is the next thing to buy to upgrade the home gym.

33. Weightlifting seminar to gain new knowledge

Search for the upcoming events nearby your city and buy a spot at any of the upcoming Olympic Weightlifting seminars.

Me encanta este final de video L?vE ????

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34. Cool looking knee sleeves

Besides the random colours like black or red, you can now also get them with a skull print or in girly pink/purple colours.

35. Carl Paoli’s Free+Style book

For all fit people who can’t imagine a Sunday morning without a coffee and a good book first.

36. Wonder woman singlet

Let’s say you want your better half know she is a wonder woman, and also you want her to look good on the lifting platform.

37. Relaxing bubble bath

Bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax after a hard training session. Buy the ones which also speed up muscle recovery.

38. Protein chocolate for sugar addicts

Yes it does exist. You can know buy chocolate which has a higher protein value. For all crossfit and chocolate addicts.

LOVE LOVE LOVE ? . I got a Protein Chocolate delivery today! . Just when I was thinking the temptation of all things Christmas was getting too much, these cute little Snowmen and Santa’s save the day! ⛄? . I’m working SO hard to battle the comfort eating urges this week leading up to a very tough anniversary (read my post about taking a blogging break if you missed my reasons) so these little treats are perfect for me and they put an instant smile on my face when they arrived. . chocolate is so filling due to its high protein content. I don’t feel the need to over eat with Cocoa Plus chocolate. It’s just 2 syns per chocolate or 11 syns the tube! Just 42 cals per chocolate ? . . . . #slimmingworld #swmafia #swfamily #sw #blogger #foodblog #food #swmeals #syns #smartsyns #goodforyou #cocoa #protein #eesp #proteinchocolate #getinmybelly #smartsyns #cocoaplus

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39. Headband for sweaty types of WODs

Black or army green for men, purple or orange for women. Headband is necessary for the Murph-like sweaty types of MetCon workouts.

40. Swolemates key chains

Find a key chain which comes in pair as a broken heart and has “swolemate” text engraved on both pieces. Give it to your favourite bro.

41. Beast mode trucker hat

Not just for the boys, some girls also love to wear a trucker hat, especially if they come with a strong message “beast mode”.

42. Olympic weightlifting barbell

Why not? Apart from the crossfit box membership, this is a second best gift. It is also the first step towards the making of a home gym.

43. Protective silicone rings

So you don’t have to put off a wedding ring while lifting a barbell or pulling up on the bar.

44. WOD Dice: fun and creative training tool

The struggle with ideas for a workout is over. WOD Dice does the job for you. Just roll the dice…

We believe in intelligent, progressive and long-term programming with a specific goal or goals that guide(s) its structure, arch and implementation. There is no substitution for a qualified and reputable coach or trainer. That being said, there are days when you need to throw the “plan” out the window and pit yourself against the “unknown and unknowable”. Just for that day. Just for that one glorious workout. That’s what the WODDice® are for. Train smart, train hard, and train for the end goal. But occasionally, lace up those shoes, tape up that hand, and let the shit hit the fan. Because sometimes in life, you just gotta roll the dice. Come shop our store today! Roll on, Ed Weamer WODDice® creator

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45. Bacon

Yes, like 1 kg of bacon for your favourite paleo crossfitter.

46. A physiotherapy or massage session

Face it; at one point in life every crossfitter will need it. Besides a weekly massage is almost necessary if you train at higher intensity.

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47. Elastic bands to help getting the first pull-up

To motivate a friend to take mobility and stretching seriously. Or to help them get the first pull up.

Rogue Monster bands are the go to bands for powerlifting and mobility. #ryourogue #rogueeurope

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48. Elegant looking sports bra

Get to find out the right size and you are about to buy the best gift for her. Stick to the girly colours.

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49. Winter outdoor training leggings

Cold weather is here, but that’s no reason to stay inside. With a good outdoor gear, training can still be done outside. Warm, winter training leggings will help with that.

50. Build her or him a home gym

Because why not. Every crossfitter’s house needs that.

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Christmas gift for crossfit athletes vropes fire 2

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