CrossFit at home: WODs to work out at home

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The Coronavirus has imposed security measures that have forced many people to stay at home. #WorkOutAtHome is everyone’s responsibility, but we will not stop training. We will continue to train to the fullest, and if you are a person like us, who want to fight the situation with WODs to do, we propose the following. With little space, a mat or towel is enough. 

From Velites, we are going to help you these days when you have to be at home, publishing weekly WODs so that you can do every day on two levels: WOD and HERO.

WOD will be an intense training that we can all train at home to stay in shape and the HERO, training with a plus of intensity for those people who seek to end up lying on the ground asking for clemency as if we were in the box.

Just like in the box, we will have the same warm-up routine to have our body ready for training. Never forget this part, preparing our muscles for the training that we are going to do is very important, in addition to preventing injuries.

+ Info: Velites Mobility Course

You can start with a small activation like 50 Jumping Jacks, to continue warming up from head to ankles, all the joints of the body from top to bottom. Spend at least 15-20 minutes on this part and focus, especially on the areas that you will work the most during training.

Then we leave you the first week of training to download. Register now to receive the training plan every week. Among those who sign up, we will raffle a Velites Fire rope every week.


We recommend you to download the Velites Timer app so that you can feel almost like in the box! 

Also, if you need music while you wor out, we propose the following Playlist on Spotify that we have prepared for these days.

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