Hand Grips: Holes or no holes?


Hand Grips- Holes or no holes?
CrossFit training brings with it some small inconveniences such as the appearance of calluses, hand injuries, and others. But to keep your training both, effective and free from injuries, it’s best to protect your hands. That’s what the hand grips are for. In today’s market, you will find a wide variety of different models. They differ mainly by having or not having holes for your fingers. If you don’t know which one to buy, by reading this article you’ll get the answer.

What is a hand grip?

A hand grip is an element used for hand protection when you carry out friction exercises, for they are a great option in order to not suffer any damage. It’s meant to protect all the area of ​​the palm, which is the most sensitive part of all and where more injuries or calluses can appear.

They are fastened to two or three fingers, or those that do not have holes, cover all the hand. They reach the wrist area where they offer additional support and where the closure is made by adjusting it to each size.

What are the best hand grips for CrossFit?

The hand grip choice will depend on the type of athlete and their objectives, in addition you have to add your own preferences.

They will be used especially for exercises with chin ups, muscle ups or when doing some workout with rings. This is where hands are greatly exposed. Because of this, wearing hand grips can also be included in bar lifting that cause some irritation.

While some people are more comfortable with a full coverage hand grip without holes, others feel better with a hand grip with holes.

In fact, another important difference lies in the materials which have been used for its manufacture. It is always recommended that they are patented materials because this way you ensure that their continued use will not cause any further problems in your hands. A great plus are breathable materials. You will find them ecological, made of cotton or even resistant leather.

If the hand grip has a buckle, it must be antiallergic, and if they have Velcro it is much better because you will feel how your hand grips a lot more.

Types of hand grips

The hand grip can be classified in different ways such as by their material, anchorage, or type of exercise for which they are recommended. But, actually, the best known classification is the one that has the hand grip with holes and the ones without holes.

Hand grip without holes

The hand grips that are without holes allow the fingers to be in the “air”, but have a certain support where the palm of the hand rests so that there is no direct contact between the bar, the hand grip and the hand.

The Quad Carbon Hand Grip without holes is perfect for those who like this style. They have been designed for the most demanding athletes since they will allow you to change stations quickly.

With them, your hands will always be protected during training as well as your wrists. In fact, the grip area is much wider than what is seen in other models. This is because it is intended for those who exercise with heavy weights in strength training or weightlifting.


They have been made with a two-layer system that is folded at the end for a better grip. It is a fabric with carbon fiber that makes it much more resistant and durable. The material inside will allow the hand grip to absorb the sweat from the hand and retain the magnesium in it.


Hand grip with holes

But now, hand grips with holes usually have two or three holes to feel the grip on the fingers. Though, the decision of whether to choose the one with two or three will depend on personal tastes since its functionality is almost the same.

Among the best hand grips with holes we recommend the following:

Shell Flexy

They are characterized by being shingles manufactured with three layers using the Flexible Tri-layer Technology (layer artico, layer flexy and layer ondura). This makes the hand much more protected from injuries. The inside has a material that will absorb sweat and retain magnesium for extended periods of time. They adapt optimally to each person and cover the whole hand.

Shell Pro

Shell Pro hand grip has two layers of synthetic leather. The inner layer will be the one to absorb sweat. Also allowing to retain magnesium for longer. For the outer layer is perforated, it allows you to use it with magnesium and thus improve the grip on the bar. It has a 2.2 mm thickness covering your hand completely.

Shell Pro Wave

A two-layer system that will allow you to have the perfect support in each exercise. As a matter of fact, the inner layer wicks sweat and retains magnesium, something the perforated outer layer will do as well. Due to it is perforated, it will have the advantage of having a better grip in each exercise.

Furthermore, it has a unique and patented system called ‘the Hook System’ that allows the crease of the hand grip with holes to cover the hand flexibly. And, at the same time, helping when exercising with pull ups or bar grip.

Now, you just have to choose the type of hand grip according to your personal tastes and training. Keep this in mind: Always protect your hands!
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