Infographic: 3 steps to mastering double unders

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Double unders are like riding a bike; once you learn to do them properly you will never forget. At Velites Sport we want to help you improve day by day, so we have prepared you an infographic summarizing the double under technique, in 3 simple steps.

We hope these tips help you improve your technique and become a skipping ace!

steps to mastering double unders

Remember how important it is to adjust your rope properly to train without risk of injury. In this article, we give you the keys to keep in mind to adjust the length of your rope properly.

Here is the low-definition computer graphic, but you can access the following link to download it in HIGH DEFINITION for printing: 

3 Steps to Master DU For Ever  or by clicking on the image.

infografia 3-pasos-para-ser-un-maestro-de-los-saltos-dobles-es

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Matías Hernández

Written by Matías Hernández

CEO de Velites Sport


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