New Quad Pro hand grips: Flexibility, comfort and resistance

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We know that among the millions of CrossFit users, there are millions of different preferences and habits and that there are as many bars as there are different types of athletes.

We have listened to you and we are aware that you need flexible and resistant hand grips that guarantee a good grip without compromising the comfort of a soft and nice texture.

Many of you are loyal to your non-chalk hand grips, but we can’t forget that sometimes you need an alternative to use in competitions or in boxes where the bars are full of chalk.

At Velites, we work to help athletes worldwide achieve their goals in record time, and that’s why we strive every day to offer you alternatives for each of the situations you may face.

Do you want to be one of the first athletes to try the new Quad Pro hand grips?

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Amaia Markuleta

Written by Amaia Markuleta

Media Manager at Velites Sport


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