Quick Tips For 17.5 — Thrusters and Double-Unders


Praise Castro, the double-unders have finally arrived. The final WOD of the 2017 CrossFit Open will see athletes perform 350 double-unders, no matter what. We hope that you’ve got your Velites Fire 2.0 ropes at the ready, but if not, head over to the online store and get yours now, so that at least you can start practicing for 2018.

Quick guide to 17.5 Velites double unders

CrossFit Open WOD 17.5 is:

  • 10 rounds for time:
  • 9 barbell thrusters (43 kg / 30 kg)
  • 35 double-unders

Every second counts with this one, and while you’re probably not going to blitz through 10 rounds at full speed, there are a few things you can do to help your body to keep moving.

#17point5 – STIMULUS: ?Metabolic Distress? – OVERALL: ✅Steady as she goes! – PACING: ✅Find that #smoothisfast pace that allows you to: ✔️Do unbroken thrusters ✔️Transition without extra resting ✔️Hit double-under sets successfully. – THRUSTERS: ✅Start at moderate-to-slower pace (remember, 10 rounds!). Modulate the turnover rate as the workout goes on–i.e., speed up if you have more in you, or slow down if you are resting too long in transitions. ✅If these are on the heavier side for you, break them up. You’ve got 40 minutes to complete this one as Rx’d–go for it! – DOUBLE-UNDERS: ✅Compose yourself before each set then hit a complete set #nomessups! Messing up will be more costly than taking a quick second to relax and focus. ✅If you do mess up, don’t stress. Stay calm, take a breath, smile and go again. Getting frustrated or tense only makes these harder. ✅Use good double-under technique. Preserve the shoulders as much as possible by spinning from the wrists, not the shoulders/arms. – TRANSITIONS: There are a lot of transitions in this workout. If you are not careful, they can eat up a ton of time. ✅Keep your bar and rope close to each other, and walk deliberately between sets. If you need an extra couple of breaths, take them, but stay upright #nohandsonknees #nokneeling and #nolongstrolls away from your equipment. – MOST IMPORTANT: It’s the last workout of the 2017 Open! ✅Step back and look at how far you’ve come this year. Maybe this is your first time competing in the Open. Maybe it’s your first time doing all the workouts as Rx’d. Maybe you PR’d your snatch or got your first bar muscle-up.  Whatever you accomplished this year, take a minute to really appreciate it—then go crush this last one! ✅Give everything you’ve got to your workout but also to the community around you. This is the real #magicoftheOpen and every single one of you plays a part in it. Thank you for representing our community, and thank you for making the Open a truly inspiring expression of the CrossFit movement. Now… Go get ’em & Good luck?#xoxo – Full tips in the CrossFit Journal @crossfit @crossfitgames @crossfittraining #2017CrossFitOpen – ?: @dtcflo2 ?: @reebok

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Breathe well on the thrusters

It’s a light thruster and a low number of reps, so take advantage by breathing out at the bottom and the top of the rep. This will help to keep your heart rate down and maintain a steady rhythm.

If you need to rest on the thruster, rest at the top of the movement, during the lockout phase.Keep your elbows high and use your legs to drive the barbell up.

Listen to your shoulders

It’s a fairly light weight, but add in the double-unders and the fact that you’re doing 90 thrusters, and your shoulders are going to start to fatigue. If they start to blow up in rounds 3-4, pull back a little so that you don’t tire out later on.

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35 double-unders is no joke over 10 rounds. Technique, proper breathing and pacing are going to be your friends during these double-unders.  If you end up needing a break, get the bigger set out of the way first (25/15, for example).

And if you need to brush up on any aspect of your double-unders, we’ve got it allDouble-unders have finally landed for Open WOD 17.5. Read our tips, then head over to YouTube for free technique tips from the Velites Jump Rope Academy. covered over on our YouTube channel, as part of the Velites Jump Rope Academy.

Good luck, and give it your everything.

Quick Tips For 17.5 — Thrusters and Double-Unders velites
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