Quick TIps For Open WOD 17.4


Congratulations, we all guessed correctly. Your only goal for 17.4, is to beat your score from 16.4. If you did it last year and survived, then you can do it again, but harder. Let’s take a look at 17.4 and break down a few strategies for making the most of it.

Quick TIps For Open WOD 17.4

CrossFit Open WOD 174 is:

17.4 is our old friend 16.4! – STIMULUS: Chipper ⛏ – ✅Name of game = smaller sets with quick rests + keeping yourself just shy of the "red zone" throughout the workout in order to transition quickly from movement to movement. – DEADLIFTS & WALL BALLS: ✅Break up into small sets to allow for short rests (vs. larger sets that force longer rests). ✅Danger here is letting time get away from you in your rests. Avoid this by trying a consistent rest period–something around 5-10 seconds. Allow this to dictate the size of your working sets. This strategy scales nicely; E.g. I may be able to do only sets of 5 while maintaining 5-second rest periods, but you may be able to maintain the pattern with sets of 10. – ROWING: ✅Can't break up the row and you will be gassed… just need to gut it out! ✅Make every pull count; smooth & powerful. But do not blow yourself up so you cannot transition quickly into the handstand push-ups. – TRANSITIONS: ✅17.4 uses complementary movements–i.e., pull, push, pull, push. You will be breathing hard, but the muscles required for the next movement will have life in them. Push yourself to get right into the next movement and get a few reps. – HSPU: ✅55 is a BIG set, and the standard is challenging. Familiarize yourself with it ahead of time! ✅Use a big kip, flex your feet (heels up), most importantly DO NOT max each set out. Do small sets, much smaller than you think you should do. ✅If you start to fail getting your heels over the line…a couple things you can try: ->Move a little closer to the wall. ->Narrow the hands slightly. Both “tricks” cost you either shoulder strength (you have to travel further) or coordination (don’t knock yourself off the wall!). Practice them before heading into the workout to see if they can even work for you. – MOST IMPORTANT: Repeat workouts allow us to focus on where we are relative to our own performance, effort, and progress. ✅Put your absolute best forward and have confidence in all the hard work you have put in over the last year. Have fun and Good Luck🍀#xoxo – @crossfit @crossfitgames #crossfittraining #2017CrossFitOpen #17point4 – 🎥: @dtcflo2 Shirt: @badassskatemom Pants: @reebok

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AMRAP 13 minutes:

  • 55 Deadlift 225 lbs. / 155 lbs.
  • 55 Wall-ball shots 10 ft. / 9 ft.
  • 55 Calorie Row
  • 55 Handstand Push-ups

Be Smart With The Deadlift

Unless you’re an elite athlete, you’re going to break those deadlift a few times. It’s not a super heavy deadlift, but it’s heavy enough to give you trouble if you hold on for too long. Perform smaller sets (5-10) and take shorter breaks, rather than trying to blow through them and forcing yourself into longer rest periods.

Everyone wants to get to the HSPU on this one, and the deadlift and wall-balls are there to slow you down. Be smart with them, and concentrate on getting them out of the way.

Go For it on The Wall-Balls

Here’s where you could lose some time if you’re not moving. They’re going to suck, but you’ve only got to do them once (potentially). You’re sitting down and pulling after this, so move your ass on the wall-balls.

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Try and tackle bigger sets, maybe 20 and then some 15s and 5s. Get them out of the way.

Find a Fast Pace on the Rower

The 13-minute time cap is short, and it’ll get eaten up once you’re on the rower. Take long pulls, all the way in, all the way back out; don’t shortchange yourself, especially not with calories.

Best advice: Pull long and hard so that you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of hitting a calorie with every pull.

Go Hard on the HSPU

There probably won’t be much time left by now, and while small sets will likely be mandatory by this point, just go. Go hard.

Remember that the standard for the HSPU in the Open is challenging, so don’t waste any reps by being lazy with your feet. Get them up and over the line, and use a big kip on every rep.

Good luck, and beat that score from 16.4!

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