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People who have been training for years, clearly know the importance of recording every workout. In ancient times, a number of philosophers believed that if something is not measured, it cannot be improved. But in the case of WODs, its importance goes beyond that, as it is essential for Crossfit competitions. Gratefully, the recording of certain WODs can be applied for qualifying phases of competitions. If you want to participate in competitions, it is almost mandatory for you to know how to record your WOD correctly.

How can recording each WOD help me?

The main objective is to be the part of a competition. The judges will always ask you to record your WODS in the previous qualifying phase in order to qualify and be a part of the official competition.

But besides that, recording each workout will give you valuable information which will help you adjust each exercise according to your own needs and progress.

Not only will it be useful for the competition, but it can also be your “training diary” in which you can see the progress that you make with each passing day.

Another point not to be forgotten is Motivation. If you find yourself getting bored with your training, or experience a lack of desire to workout, going back to your log and seeing your improvement day by day would be enough to get you going. You will instantly be motivated, surprised by your progress as well as proud of the hard work you put into your body. You wouldn’t always remember how many pull-ups you did on the first day and how far have you come now, that’s where your ‘Training diary’ plays it’s role.


Another great benefit is to be able to keep a track of both the volume as well as the intensity of training. If you have an injury, you will be able to detect what it is due to. Perhaps you are doing too many repetitions or you have intensified the load used in an exercise and that’s what generated the injury.

In any case, recording your WOD will become a before and after in your training.


Apps to record your WOD correctly

Long gone are the days when you had to use a pen and a paper or maybe your phone’s stopwatch to jot down and track your activities of the day. That is not considered as an accurate way to do it anymore, and moreover there are high chances of losing your data using these processes.

To correctly record your WOD, it is best to make use of the Apps that are created for this very purpose.



Velites Timer and Stopwatches, the perfect App for recording your WODs

The App with Timer and Stopwatch for your Wods of Velites is the application you need.

This app is very user friendly and consists of large fonts so that you can see the digits while you train and it also offers various custom programs for your convenience.

Mostly, the gym or workout places have a lot of clocks so that you can keep a track of time while exercising but sometimes the crowd is such that you don’t really get to use those clocks as they are occupied.

Velites App will surely make things much more easier for you. You will be able to configure in it different sections, for example:

– Countdown timer
– Stopwatch
– Intervals
– Tabatas
– Personalized workouts

By using large fonts, you will be able to see the digits even from a distance.

When you open the application, you will see various workout options on the screen, you can choose what you prefer to do the particular day from the available options. Once you choose your workout, you can also pick the intervals that you need in between your workout and your rest timing.

If you need to use the stopwatch, you can set it with or without time. Also, you always have an option to choose the countdown to limit the time you are exercising, and not overdo it.

All of this will be recorded so that you can access the data to evaluate your progress later on.

Compatible with Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Tidal so you can keep listening to your favorite music while you burn those calories.


WODProof, record your workouts and compete with others

Another very interesting application to correctly record your WODS is WODProof. This application allows you to record the time of each exercise so that the judges can see it on the screen and can judge you accordingly during the competition.

WODproof app

It has the possibility to create a virtual community to share your goals and your intervals with other athletes, and also analyze your training.

Every time you record a WOD with WodProof you will receive a reward in “WODProof Coins” that will allow you to buy items or get discounts on them. 


Magnetic Phone Holder for your cell phone

You already have the best App to record your WODS. To make your job even easier, use this Rack Magnetic Holder compatible with any type of cell phone.

You will be able to control each workout perfectly from home or from your box without worrying or thinking about where to place your phone.

Made of stainless steel, it can withstand any kind of shock. It takes up almost no space so you can take it with you everywhere. It has special magnetic holder that allows it to adapt to any surface and thus record your WODs correctly.

Now you have no excuse to not record your WOD correctly or not be part of a competition. So, go ahead!
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