If you are fast at unbroken DUs, visit us at The Alpha Games


Turquoise Mediterranean sea, sunny weather and a clear blue sky – Velites Sport is headed to Nice to spend a weekend on the Côte d’Azur, the seaside of south east France. No, we are not going on late-summer vacation, quite the opposite; we will have a working weekend at upcoming functional fitness event The Alpha Games 2016.

To be exact, as one of the sponsors of The Alpha Games 2016 we will be at the vendor village with all our latest gear. All athletes and spectators will have a chance to test and purchase our speed ropes, lotions and all other accessories.

unbroken Double unders Alpha Games

We will offer a 15% discount on all of our products. No worries if you can’t make it to The Alpha Games, we will also take care of our online audience by giving you a 10% discount on any online purchase.

Every spectator will also get a chance to test their jump rope skills. Our stand will host a max out double-under competition.

unbroken DUs Alpha Games

The challenge. Unbroken Double unders Alpha Games.

AMRAP of double-unders

Time cap: 1 minute

It’s a sprint and a test of focus. How many double-unders can you string together in one minute? How fast can you go?

How many double unders can you do in one minute

Found out by visiting us in the vendor village of The Alpha Games 2016.

Top three athletes will later get a chance to showcase their jump rope skills in front of big crowd: they will progress on to the final which will take place on the competition floor of the Le Palais des Expositions, right before the last, final workout on Sunday. Winners will be rewarded with Velites Sport goodies.

The Alpha Games 2016

The Alpha Games are a functional fitness competition for elite, scaled, teams and master athletes, held on September 24/25 in Nice, France and open to athletes from all over the world.

Quick info:

Name of the event: The Alpha Games
When: September 24/25
Where: Le Palais des Expositions, Nice (France)
Who: Elite, Scaled, Teams (female and male) and Masters

The Alpha Games started with a three week long online qualifier with athletes battling each other to earn a spot at the upcoming finals. All competitors had to go through three qualifying workouts:

Workout 1:
3-minute AMRAP of squat clean and jerk (choose your own weight)
3 minutes rest
3-minute AMRAP of bar facing burpees

Workout 2:
Time cap of 12 minutes
50 wall ball shots

10 double-unders

40 wall ball shots

20 double-unders

30 wall ball shots

30 double-unders

20 wall ball shots

40 double-unders

10 wall ball shots

50 double-unders

AMRAP ring muscle ups

in the remaining time



Time cap of 6 minutes:
12 deadlifts

12 box jump overs

12 toes to bar

9 deadlifts

9 box jump overs

9 toes to bar

6 deadlifts

6 box jump overs

6 toes to bar

3 deadlifts

3 box jump overs

3 toes to bar

The finals in Nice will host 160 athletes who performed best during the qualifying phrase. From 24-25 of September Le Palais des Expositions arena will see 80 elite, 40 scaled, 20 teams and 20 master athletes competing for the winner title – “Who will lead the pack?”.

Velites Ropes will be there to support our athlete Jessica Vetter

 Jessica Vetter is a 31-year-old athlete and coach from Reebok CrossFit Louvre. She finished 7th in the qualifying phase and will be one of the competitors to keep an eye on at the upcoming finals.

2016 was a great year for Jessica; together with her team Reebok CrossFit Louvre she finished 22nd overall at this year’s CrossFit Meridian Regional held in Madrid.

Before Regional, she had a solid finish in the Open phase: placing 56th out of thousands of European ladies who entered the Open competition in 2016.

Unbroken Double unders Alpha Games

Before CrossFit, Jessica was already pretty fit: besides being a gymnast, she also worked as a fitness trainer. A friend told her about the new training trend everyone got hooked on immediately and she gave CrossFit a try.

Nowadays Jessica does five to six training sessions per week with two workouts per day: one in the morning, the strength or the hard session, and one in the afternoon with mostly aerobics WODs.

Once per week she also does a cardio only training, or swimming and yoga. Her weekly schedule includes one rest day when she does nothing but taking a complete day off with lots of sleeping, eating and snacking on some chocolate.

Jessica’s trick for mastering the double-unders: “I find a fixed point in front of me to focus on. I try to relax my upper body but activate the tummy muscles and tighten my abs and thighs. With jumping, I try to tap with my toes.”

Fittest athletes in the qualifying phase of The Alpha Games

Besides Jessica, other favourites to win The Alpha Games are the Regional athlete Elia Navarro who has recently won the Spanish Throwdown, Tina Moeglin, Celia Gabbinai, Carole Castellani, Marion Perrouault and Elise Labrunie. All ladies took the top spots at the qualifying phase.

On the men’s side Yohann Gigord won the online qualifiers ahead of Florent Paillasson and Stephane Ossanga.

The competition will also see top 10 female and male pairs battling it out for the “Who will lead the pack” title among the teams. Warriors Dance from CrossFit Grau was the fittest in the men’s teams division while Sister Ace won the women’s team category.

Vincent Goeman and Frida Toth made it to top of the online qualifiers leaderboard among the best Alpha Games master athletes.

The Alpha Games will also give a chance to the fitness rookies: the scaled division.

The category is open for anyone who has just started training and knows the basics of movements and exercises required for competitive fitness events. Strongest competitors in this division were Galleron Lionel and Evelyn Mardin.

unbroken DUs Alpha Games 2016

The Alpha Games starts on September 24: first workout begins at 9:30

The schedule:
Saturday 24th:

Athlete registration: 7.00-8:30
Briefing athletes: 8:30-9:00
WOD: 9:30
WOD 2: 12:50
WOD 3: 16:30

Sunday 25th:
WOD 4: 8:00

Velites Sport double-under challenge final

Final: 14.30
Podium: 17:30

Discount for the Alpha Games visitors:

During the event weekend (24-25 September) Velites Sport will be offering a 10% discount on all purchases online, and a 15% discount on all purchases made at the event.

Stop by and visit us at The Alpha Games vendor village.

Velites Sport will be there from 7.00 on.

unbroken Double unders at Alpha Games 2016

Polona Fonda

Written by Polona Fonda Polona has been working in sports media for almost a decade. She is a former editor of the biggest European online magazine on functional fitness with expertise in graphic and interactive communication. Business aside, Polona is also a former competitive alpine skier with a passion for weightlifting, crossfit and outdoor sports.


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