Use an Anti-Slip Jump Mat and don’t break any more ropes


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You have probably already gone through all the benefits of jumping rope. Setting a goal with it is essential to gradually gain elasticity and muscle building. But whether you train at home or somewhere nearby, you would have noticed how important the type of floor you train on is. The cable of your rope will wear out very easily if you jump on a floor that is not suitable and that will make you have to change your rope more often. But don’t worry, there is a unique accessory that will help you protect the cable of your rope and you would easily continue to enjoy your jumping rope workouts.

The ultimate Anti-Slip MAT for jumping rope

The worst thing you can do when you are jumping rope is to do it on a slab floor. Not only will you wear out the cable very easily, but you will also do severe damage to your joints.

To avoid all these problems, a special jumping MAT has been created for jumping rope. Designed by experts who know about the various problems that have to be faced in day-to-day training.

It is a MAT that aims to extend the life of your rope. It will protect the wear of the rope because when you jump, the cable will touch a non-slip floor. Very different from when it touches an erosive surface such as wood, asphalt, or a terrace floor.

The cable will touch a protected area that will prevent it from wearing out and therefore you will have the rope with you for much longer. Forget about changing the cable as often as you did it before. The solution is the use of this Anti-Slip jump rope MAT specially created by Velites. 

What is the Velites Anti-Slip Jump MAT for ropes like?

Use an Anti-Slip Jump Mat and don't break any more ropes
The MAT has dimensions of 60 by 140 centimeters, more than enough for anyone to train on it.

Made of anti-slip PVC, it is 3 millimeters thick, which will not only take care of the cable of your rope but also your joints. You will have a small shock absorber when jumping and your knees will be grateful for it.

To make your training even easier, it includes a carry bag made of cotton. With it, you will be able to take your jumping MAT anywhere or even on a trip. If you are one of those who like to train outdoors or go to a special place, you will love to have the carry bag for your MAT.


What other precautions should you take when jumping rope?

Jumping rope is such a complete exercise and it is suitable for everyone. With training, you will see how quickly you will improve your speed and endurance.

Start with a traditional rope that you can adjust according to your height. You should hold the rope very close to the end of the cable so that you can maneuver it correctly.

When jumping, bend your knees a little. Always keep your head up. Don’t look down because you could get dizzy. Keep your back straight, otherwise, you might get injured.

It is about enjoying the exercise, if you do it with tension, your muscles will tighten and that is where the problems appear. Watch your shoulders and elbows because that is where the tension usually appears.

Make the initial movements smooth and light so that the arc formed by the rope is uniform. That arc must always be above your head, otherwise, you could hit yourself and we don’t want that to happen during your training.

Another point you have to pay attention to is the jumps. It has to be a smooth jump where there is the least impact on the knees and heels.

Don’t worry if at the beginning you find it a little difficult to coordinate, with practice you will see results and also your progress.


How can the Anti-Slip Jump MAT help you in your training?

The Anti-Slip Jump MAT will help make all these movements much more effective as well as your workout.

You will feel more confident knowing that your joints will be protected and that your jump rope will be protected too.

This will give you the confidence to practice and see the evolution of your exercises.

And after you have finished your training session, you can use the MAT to stretch your whole body and relax. If you want to include some yoga movements or special stretches, as it is an anti-slip, you can do it without any problem.

Try this accessory and you will see how the jumping MAT becomes your best ally during your jump rope.
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