Infographic: Double unders to burn off your “cheat meal”


We all like to take care of our diet and keep fit, but an occasional treat is necessary and mentally healthy. Skipping your diet once a week or fortnight or having a “cheat meal” will help you break your routine and give you a prize from time to time. 

Today we will discover how many double unders you need to burn off your cheat meal

If you’re an athlete, you can get away with it, because you will soon get rid of the excess. Skipping is a great calorie-burning exercise.

It is a very good, cheap cardiovascular activity that you can practice anywhere. It’s ideal for when you’re on holiday or away from home. It also helps strengthen the upper and lower body, while burning a lot of calories in a short time.

We will use our favourite method: double unders.


Want to know how many double unders you need to burn off your favourite “cheat meals”? 

Double unders benefits

Our sports nutritionist, Inaki Dominguez, has worked with us to prepare this high definition poster to give you all the details:

burn off your cheat meal
Double unders calories (how many calories do double unders burn)

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Estimated energy expenditure – jump roping

SIMPLE JUMP = 0.177 kcal/min 

  • Girl weighing 55 kg, 100 simple jumps = 14.5 kcal
  • Boy weighing 75 kg, 100 simple jumps = 20 kcal

DOUBLE JUMP = 0.197 kcal/min 

  • Girl weighing 55 kg, 100 double unders = 16.5 kcal
  • Boy weighing 75 kg, 100 double unders = 22 kcal

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We hope this post will help you enjoy your cheat meal, while being aware of the effort you will have to make to burn off the extra calories.

¿Easy? ¿will you be able to burn off your cheat meal? Ready to start in crossfit? Let us know your comments..


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Iñaki Domínguez

Written by Iñaki Domínguez

Iñaki has a degree in physiotherapy and a diploma in dietetics and nutrition. He is enthusiastic about his work. He is the CrossFit Runa physiotherapist and practices CrossFit himself, so he knows what he’s talking about.


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