Velites is an official sponsor of Hyrox in Spain


Velites is the official sponsor of Hyrox in Spain, the new fitness race that combines 8 km of running and eight wor
kouts. Throughout the season, Velites will provide Hyrox with high-quality weighted jump ropes and speed jump ropes for use in training and the official race warm-up.

What is Hyrox? 

Hyrox is an international competition that combines 8 km of running with 8 cross-training events. The competition tests athletes’ strength, endurance, and fitness in running, rowing, skiing, and other strength exercises. All HYROX events worldwide follow the same format: before starting each workout, participants must complete 1 km of running.  

Velites and Hyrox partnership  

Velites, as an official sponsor, has the mission to accompany athletes to reach their goals and achieve sporting excellence. All participating in Hyrox will have the opportunity to count on Velites jump ropes for their preparation. Both the Earth 2.0 weighted jump ropes and the Fire 2.0 speed jump ropes are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and coordination and increase physical fitness. 

Two specific HYROX training programs are now available on the Velites Training App: the “OPEN” program is designed for beginner athletes, and the “PRO” program is designed for more experienced athletes. 

Would you like to participate in the Hyrox?

There’s still time! Fill out this form, and participate in the giveaway of some tickets to compete in the next Hyrox.
You can train with Velites Earth 2.0 weighted jump rope and Fire 2.0 speed jump rope.
Be part of one of the best event of the international fitness, enjoy the challenge and have a special day!

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Amaia Markuleta

Written by Amaia Markuleta

Media Manager at Velites Sport


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