The Best WODs for Weighted Jump Ropes


WODS weighted jump rope Earth 2.0
If you have already tried the weighted jump rope on its own and you can put up with Double Unders, it’s time to add this new element to your WODs. This will produce a major change to your body and training regime, as you will be working your muscles harder and causing your heart rate to rise whilst improving your coordination and agility.

If you would like to give it a try, let us introduce you to the best WODs with the weighted jump rope., so you can include them now in your training routine.  

Why add the weighted jump rope in your WODs?

WODs that include the weighted jump rope, combine aerobic with strength exercises. The latter generating anaerobic movements that cause muscle depletion and fatigue. And as a result, your coordination and strength will be put to the test with every jump. 

At first, jumping rope would feel like an aerobic exercise, but by adding weights to the handles, you will see how that transforms it into an intense metabolic-conditioning exercise.

For athletes who are brand new to rope jumping, it is recommended that they perform HIIT exercises with small intervals. For more experienced athletes, you can try to vary the exercises by including double and triple jumps, thus entering a totally new level of training.


WOD with Weighted Jump Rope

WOD by Sarah Alicia

Sara Alicia
EMOM 12 minutes

Alternating each minute with the following exercises:

Odd minute: 20 DU with Earth 2.0 maximum ballast (standard + heavy) and Monster Cable

Even minute: Followed by 12 Thrusters.

* Weight: 50kg bar for boys and 40kg bars for girls.

20 double jumps with your weighted rope for the first minute followed by 12 Thrusters with the bar. Try to do the movements unbroken, if you have a problem with the weight, adapt it.


WOD by Javi Gómez

Javi Gomez toes to bar


3 rounds with the following:

10 Bar Muscle Ups

20 Pull-ups

30 Toes to bar

40 DU with Earth 2.0 main ballast (standard + heavy) and Monster cable.

This WOD is very demanding on your shoulders. You may adjust the number of reps so that the transition between exercises is as short as possible, and you don’t tire yourself too much before the third round.


WOD by Javi González

Javi Gonzalez earth 2.0

A: Complete reps

Power Snatches.

Overhead Squat.

20 heavy Double Unders with Earth 2.0 maximum ballast (standard + heavy) and Monster Cable after finishing each block of reps.

Rest 3 minutes and start B.

B: Complete reps

Power Clean


20 heavy Double Unders with Earth 2.0 maximum ballast. (standard + heavy) and Monster Cable at the end of each block of reps.

*Weight for boys 60 kg, 40kg for girls. If that is too much, you can use a load no higher than 60% of 1 RM Power Snatch.

When you start block A, you will perform one Power Snatch, one Overhead Squat followed by 20 Double Unders. Repeat this 5 times. Rest 3 minutes and start Block B using the same format (6+6+20, 7+7+20, etc.)

Adapt the intensity of your workout so as not to get too fatigued when you do jump rope with the extra demand of the ballast; this is where more mistakes might be made, and where you will need longer breaks.

Try and find the balance, between intensity and efficiency, so as to allow you to complete the task in the shortest possible time.


WOD by The Progrm

AMRAP 20 minutes

2 Rope Climbs

20 alt. Pistol Squat

40 Heavy Double Unders (Earth 2.0 maximum ballast and Monster cable)

Do as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes. It is a very long WOD, so do not start too energetically, but reserve your strength to speed up at the end.


WOD by Fikowski


25 Toes to Bar

100 Double Unders (Earth 2.0 ballasts + Monster Cable)

Perform the proposed exercises every two minutes and take a rest in between. Even if you’re doing the 100 DU unbroken, you will not have a lot of time left, so manage it well. Reduce the number of reps to half if you are not used to the weighted jump rope Earth 2.0.



Start gradually and don’t be afraid to adjust these WODs as some are very demanding. Start by trying out some weights on the handles. Gradually increase the weights. After a while, an ordinary jump rope will feel way too easy! Your speed will become your forte.

When you finally master double jumps with the smaller weights, try a thicker cable and use the heavier weights on the handles. Notice how the weight is distributed all along the cable. Because of this, you can exercise your back, your shoulders and your upper body with greater intensity.

If you dare do these WODs, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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