Velites Training App launches its first 12-week training program


Velites 12-week program is designed to increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility using only your bodyweight and your Velites jump rope. Guess what! Now it is available for free on the Velites Training App.

Lean Whoop Program

program velites training appThis program will help you build and tone your muscles. The training plan is now available with all the information to guide you and help you achieve your athletic potential.

You are just one click away from becoming a better athlete.

Are you ready to make it happen? Go for it!
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Do you know the Velites Training App yet?

It gives access to hundreds of workouts, movement tips, specific fitness programs, and courses. You set the schedule with on-demand workouts. No more excuses: Morning? Noon? Evening? No problem. Your next training is just a few clicks away. This App helps you achieve your goals in record time! More than 1000 workouts! No matter what your experience or fitness level is, we have a plan for you! With over 1000 to choose from, you’ll never get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. A complete database at your fingertips with explanations on each movement to help you perfect your technique. In addition, this App is constantly being updated, don’t miss the new features of the latest version:

Updates in the Velites Training App

LIST velites training appWe introduce the new features of the latest App version published last month for the AppStore and PlayStore platforms.

Change in training filter

We have listened to the wishes of our users for an improved version of the filter. Now you can search the workouts directly by name, sort them in different ways, and filter them by many options. The new filter has been designed to make the Velites Training App user-friendly. Now you can create your filters and save them for the future! And remember, we will publish new workouts every week.

Upcoming news

We want to take this opportunity to give you a preview of the App update released at the end of January.

Changes in the user profile

We have included new metrics that will keep you updated with your training progress over time. In addition, with the new version, you will have access to more detailed information about your evolution. Navigate your statistics over time and achieve each of your goals in record time thanks to the Velites Training App. 

New workout visualization

Thanks to the new visualization, you will have more information about the workouts and its content, so you will easily find the training that suits you better for each moment!

New content

Lean Whoop is the first program we are publishing but not the only one. We have four more programs ready that will go live soon! As well as new training lists, courses, and more surprises for the most demanding athletes.

If you still don’t have the Velites Training App remember that you can download it at:

AppStore and PlayStore.

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