The 10 Must-have Accessories for Your Workouts


The 10 Must-have Accessories for Your Workouts
If you practice CrossFit you will know that training longer doesn’t always mean better results. You have to do it intelligently, follow a program, be consistent, have discipline and eat well. Every little thing, no matter how small, will help you in your training routines.

You can improve, for example, by taking more care of your hands so that they don’t open up during pull-ups. This way, you’ll be able to do more reps without having to get off the bar. You can also, see how your shoulders and lats get stronger by doing specific exercises with a weighted jump rope, which you can then apply to other exercises. Every detail counts.

For all these reasons, here are some accessories that will allow you to train more efficiently. Some of them will protect you from hurting yourself, while others will support you in your exercises or help you to recover more quickly afterwards. Here are the 10 accessories that you can’t afford to miss out on for your workouts. 

10 Accessories to Use in Your Workouts

The following accessories are a perfect addition to any type of training to help you keep moving forward. Whether you are just starting out in the world of CrossFit or you are an experienced athlete.


Weights for Jump Rope

One of the most complete aerobic exercises is jumping rope: not only does it help you burn calories, it also strengthens your muscles and gives you better coordination.

If you have already mastered double jumps, add weights to the handles of your jump rope and try thicker cables, you’ll feel what it’s like to really work out.

The weight is distributed along the length of the jump rope, and you will see how your arms, shoulders, back, neck and upper body work that much harder.

 Jump ropes Earth 2.0 and Fire 2.0: USEurope
Weights for jump ropes: USEurope

The Earth 2.0 or Fire 2.0 packs come with several different ballast weights so you can change the intensity during your jumps.

Cables of Different Thicknesses

The thickness of the cable is another factor in improving your jumping rope. For beginners, we recommend a medium thickness cable. For advanced or experienced athletes, we recommend a thinner cable as it allows you to achieve greater speed.

However, there are thicker and heavier cables that will make your training sessions harder and allow you to work your muscles while jumping rope.

Ideally, you should have a rope that allows you to change weights and also give you the option of changing the thickness of the cable. This way, you can increase the intensity as you master the technique.

The Velites cables for jump rope are available in different thicknesses, of 1.8 mm for competition, from 2.5 mm to 4 mm for training or intermediate users and up to 8 mm for those who want to “suffer” for real 😉

Cables for jump ropes: USEurope

Anti-slip jump mat

mat jump rope
If you’re someone who likes to train outdoors or at home, you’ll know that the cable for jump rope will wear out over time. This is due to a number of factors, but one of the most important is the type of ground you train on.

To avoid this wear and tear, there is a jump mat. It is an anti-slip mat that you can easily carry from one place to another. It’s as easy as placing it where you’re going to train and jumping on it with your jump rope.

Anti-Slip jump mat: USEurope

Magnetic Phone Holder

magnet rack
Keeping track of your WOD times is essential for any athlete. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it is the parameter that will allow you to know your daily progress. While many boxes have their own timers, you may find them busy.

Most people prefer to carry their own watch on their phone or make use of specific apps. The Velites magnetic phone holder is the solution to place your phone in without it dropping. Your phone will stay secure in the place you have chosen.

Magnetic Phone Holder: USEurope

Mobile with Velites apps

App velites
To help you in your training, Velites have created two apps that will give you great advantages.

The Velites Timer App is a timer and stopwatch developed especially for your WODs. You will be able to set countdowns, set intervals, tabatas, EMOM and more.

With the Velites Training App you can access various training sessions, tips, video tutorials and much more. It is designed to help you reach all your goals.

Stone Callus Remover

Stone Callus Remover
One of the consequences of doing CrossFit is the appearance of calluses on the hands. You have to treat them immediately so that they don’t hurt or open up in the middle of a WOD.

The Stone Callus Remover will help you treat calluses quickly. Rub the sanding bar on your hands, and you will see how the dead skin comes off.

At Velites, we created the callus remover with an interchangeable system. So when you run out, you simply buy a replacement to use with the same handle. Don’t hesitate to take your callus remover with you everywhere you go.

Stone Callus Remover: USEurope

Skin Healing Cream

Care Balm
Just as calluses appear, they also create wounds on the hands that must be treated post-training.

Putting a little Velites Care Balm on the wound will help to accelerate its healing. In a few hours your skin will start to regenerate thanks to the 100% natural ingredients and pure oils.

This care balm can be used not only on hands but also on wounds in other areas such as feet, shoulders or calves.

Care Balm: USEurope

Hot and Cold Creams

Before starting your workout, you can prepare your muscles with Magma Cream. It will give you an intense feeling of warmth thanks to one of its main ingredients, Ginkgo Biloba. You will notice how during your workout you will have less discomfort and this will help you improve your performance.

After your workout, it is important to relax your muscles. Polar Cream provides a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to its main ingredient Arnica.

Polar Cream: USEurope
Magma Cream: USEurope

Massage Roller

foam roller
Another accessory that will help you relax all of your muscles is the massage roller, also known as the Double Foam Roller. It stimulates circulation and stretch your muscles, thanks to its massaging action.

By using it on your body, the soft tissue of the myofascial will improve and it is also very useful for the recovery of painful areas.

Foam Roller: USEurope

Lacrosse Ball

lacrosse ball
To massage and relax the muscles, you also have the Massage and Relaxation Lacrosse Ball. It is a rubber ball with which you can massage each area more deeply and release tensions in the shoulders, necks or buttocks.

It is also very good for stimulating circulation and oxygenating soft tissues.

Lacrosse Ball: USEurope

Tell us which is your favorite accessory and the one you won’t want to be without in any of your workouts!

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