Quad Ultra: “The Hand Grips that stick to the bar”


Quad Ultra: Hand Grips Stick to the bar
The new Quad Ultra hand grips offer the most advanced grip thanks, to new innovative technology -you’ll see they stick to the bar! They protect your wrists and prevent you from over-stressing your forearms. Plus, they’re designed so you’ll never have to depend on chalk again.

We’ve long noticed that athletes like you suffer from poor grip and fatigue in the forearm area after many repetitions of gymnastic exercises. And you probably spend a lot of time taking chalk when you get off the bar. If you can relate to this and would like to fix this, we have the good news for you:

The Quad Ultras are designed to improve your results and make you a better athlete. They feature an innovate high-quality, long-lasting Velcro, a 3D rubber reinforcement, a patented 1.2 mm layer that is friction-resistant and super spongy, a 1.2 mm sweat-absorbing suede, a nylon strap, a 4 mm stainless steel buckle and a 5.5 cm wide wrist area protection. Add to all this the fabric wrist bands with an odor-proof transport bag to take with you on every workout.

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Advantages of the Quad Ultra Hand Grips for your workout

The Quad Ultra hand grips have several benefits that will amaze you as soon as you try them for the first time:

No chalk needed

No more dry and cracked hands from the overuse of chalk! With the Quad Ultras, you won’t need it, and you won’t be wasting time getting on and off the bar, you’ll be getting many more reps in. It’s estimated that you can add up to one extra minute for every 10 minutes of weightlifting bar training. This extra time could be all you need to win a WOD or qualify for a competition.

They stick to the bar from day one

Yes, these hand grips stick to the bar from the start. With a good grip, you can focus on technique and improved results. And what’s more, you’ll effortlessly achieve movements you never thought possible. Those who have already tried them, hang twice as long and can even hang with just one finger!

Quad ultra hand grips

Reduce the load on your forearms to a minimum

You will do many more unbroken reps (without getting off the bar) and your forearm will feel freer for other exercises like kettlebells or the weightlifting bar. All thanks to the sticky material that helps you stay hanging using much less energy.

They last longer 

They will last longer due to their greater resistance. Quality hand grips with the ability to withstand intense workouts and will be your best companion in all your competitions.
You won’t need to change your hand grips as often!

Differences between the new Quad Ultra and the Quad Carbon

The Quad Carbon has so far been the most highly rated and used hand grip by athletes. It’s no wonder, because it’s a design without holes, which protects your wrists and has an inner layer that absorbs sweat and another layer of carbon fiber that gives you resistance and excellent grip.

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To test the difference with the new Quad Ultra, we measured the results in professional athletes and the following results were found:

  • When performing Unbroken Toes To Bar, 35% more repetitions were obtained.
  • Unbroken Muscle-ups resulted in 40% more reps.
  • Half of our athletes did movements they could not do before.
  • 25% more kipping pull-ups
  • In a 20-minute WOD with 100 pull-ups, a 15% improvement was achieved.
Why were these numbers achieved with the Quad Ultra? Because none of the athletes had to get off the bar to put chalk on their hands.

Kickstarter Campaign: support us and get your Quad Ultra hand grips.

If everything you’ve read so far sounds interesting and you’d love to try these hand grips to improve your training, you can now access the pre-sale on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform.

A crowdfunding is a collective financing network that allows the financing of different innovative projects. Those who collaborate financially become sponsors and are actively supporting companies in their development processes. All sponsors receive a reward for their investment.

From Velites, we have created the Kickstarter campaign to become one of our sponsors now, so you can get the new Quad Ultra hand grips at a unique and exclusive. The project allows to choose different packages of financial support. You can buy the hand grips individually or in a pack of several units to share with friends or boxmates. Also available, are packages that include other Velites products such as the Earth 2.0 weighted jump rope; these too came into the market thanks to a similar crowdfunding project.

Payment is only taken once the campaign ends and the project gets to go-ahead. You will then be asked to fill in a survey with your data, size and color. As soon as the first production is completed, you will receive the hand grips right at your door between January and March 2022.

Be one of the sponsors of the new Quad Ultra hand grips!

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