Article Selection for CrossFit Beginners

If you are thinking about starting CrossFit, we are sure you already have an idea of what CrossFit is and what to expect from it. You have probably heard it’s a tough sport, where athletes are ripped and do amazing movements. You might have even visited a box and have seen it with your own eyes. If that’s the case, you surely have been told that CrossFit is a progressive training sport, where a CrossFit beginner will face the challenges that are within their reach.

Same as a beginner cyclist can’t go for 200km on his first day, a CrossFit beginner can’t start doing the same exercises as an experienced crossfiter either.  That’s a great thing, because as you progress, you will improve and you’ll realize you want more.

When people start doing CrossFit, they are generally a bit lost too. They don’t know the vocabulary, how to do the movements, how a box works or how to interpret a WOD. Motivation in CrossFit is key from the very beginning.

Collecting all the information needed to acquire the necessary knowledge to understand the CrossFit language would be a good place to start.

Since we have published tons of articles about Crossfit for beginners on the Velites blog, we thought it would be a good idea, since you are starting too, to offer you a compendium.

Our goal is to share the benefits of practicing this sport and particularly to not let your motivation wane just because you get confused by some concepts (exercises names, work tools, etc.) which are key when you are starting and want to get through your first days at the box.

If you are driven to start practicing our favorite sport, we are sure these articles will show you why people get hooked by it.

Here is our selection of Velites posts and infographics that will help you achieve your goals faster:

We hope all this information helps you start your first day at a CrossFit box with the right foot and with your motivation through the roof. And even though you will get home pretty sore, we are sure the satisfaction of a job well done will outweigh all that stiffness.
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Written by Alfonso Prim