CrossFit: How to Remove Calluses from your hands


CrossFit: How to Remove Calluses from your hands
Whatever activity you do with your hands, the skin is worn down and wounds until the calluses appear. With Crossfit workouts, you will feel the friction in your hands in each repetition. For this reason, it is necessary to protect them and try to take care of them so that calluses don’t appear and that if they appear they are the least possible. If you want to know how to take care of your hands and prevent calluses, keep reading this article.

Why do I get calluses on my hands?

Calluses are hardness that appears on the skin due to pressure made with an object. This can appear on both the hands and the feet.

In the case of CrossFit, the friction that one has with different elements such as the bars to do pull-ups or muscle-ups as well as the balances are what is creating them.

If we add to that the constant repetition of movements, then the wear of the skin is evident. It doesn’t matter if you put a little magnesium in order to protect them and that the object doesn’t slip. The layers of the dermis are suffering from friction and pressure.

One of the ways to prevent the appearance of calluses is through the improved grip. It is the main action and what will make the appearance of calluses on your hands worse or not. Try to optimize your grip so that the base of support is the area that forms from the junction between the fingers and the palm of the hand.

How to remove calluses from hands?

If you already have calluses on your hands due to friction when doing your CrossFit exercises, then you need to act immediately. The first thing they recommend when the wound occurs is to apply a little magnesium to the area. That way it dries and you can move on, of course, as long as it’s not a very big wound.

When you finish the training, then it will be time to work on the callus wound: 

Velites Stone Callus remover from Crossfit: the best stone to remove calluses for CrossFit

It is the best stone you will find to remove calluses from your hands. With this, you will be able to remove the calluses that are scratching on your hand and have a product to give it proper maintenance.

Velites Stone Callus remover from Crossfit: the best stone to remove calluses for CrossFit

It is shaped like a pencil. You simply have to unscrew the inner cap, make the stone come out, and screw it back so that you can through the handle.

Simply rub the stone over the area where the calluses are. Thanks to the union with the handle, you will easily get through it in all areas of your hands and feet.

When the stone stops working or is very worn due to its use, you will simply have to replace it with a new one, you don’t have to buy the entire kit again.

Being such a small object, you can carry it in your training bag and use it immediately after finishing. Calluses and excess will be removed to give your skin excellent maintenance. 

Care Balm

After you have gone through the stone to clean your hands of calluses and give your skin a good maintenance, it is advisable to include the Care healing cream.

This balm will give a protective layer so that the wounds are more resistant to any type of external agent.

Care Balm

This care cream is made with natural products that contain more than 300% chemical-free essential oils. Among the oils used for its creation are: chamomile, argan, rosehip, calendula, lavender and propolis oil extract.

In a few hours it will get your skin to regenerate again. It is suitable for use on both hands and feet.

The wounds will begin to heal quickly. For a better result, be constant with the maintenance and application of both the stone and the care cream so that you notice the difference and the calluses disappear from your hands.

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