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Open WOD 17.2 is about knowing which movements you’re better at, and playing to those, and about saving your grip. Here are our tips for making the most of Open WOD 17.2.

17.2 STIMULUS: Grip☠️ ✅The name of this game is smartly managing breaks and transitions. You may have to break sets of everything up earlier than you think! – LUNGES: ✅Full grip on handles does not = death grip. Use a modified front rack: elbows up, handles “resting” in your palms & rear heads of the dumbbells sitting on your shoulders (vs. holding them out in front of you!) ✅If needed, put these down at the turn around for quick grip relief. I did not but the ladies tonight did and they did much better than me! – TOES TO BAR: ✅Break them up earlier than you think you need to. Use short breaks and hop back up on the bar. Quick doubles or singles on these are often faster than larger sets with longer rests. – CLEANS: ✅Remember, do not drop after the 8th and final rep and then have to re-clean the dumbbells to get going on the lunges! – BAR MUSCLE-UPS: ✅Whatever sets you are normally confident with, subtract at least 1-2 reps from that to avoid going to failure. I failed 2 or 3 muscle-up reps; had I broken them into smaller sets from the outset, I likely would have gotten though them all. ✅Do not get discouraged if you do not have a bar muscle up! Get through toes-to-bar rounds and use the remaining time and #OpenMagic ✨to try to get one! – RESTS AND TRANSITIONS: ✅Take enough of a break to successfully tackle the next set BUT do not let the time get away from you. Try using a little ritual; e.g. 3 big breaths, a short walk, clap your hands a few times, etc. to set a deliberate rest period and stick to it. ✅Use transitions wisely (shake hands out, breath, etc.) but again, try not to let them get too long. Always get on the next movement a little sooner than you want to! – MOST IMPORTANT: ✅Have fun, enjoy the community around you, and give everything you’ve got! – If you have questions, tag me in a comment and I will do my best to answer #xoxo Good Luck!? – Full tips at @crossfit @crossfittraining @crossfitgames #2017CrossFitOpen #17point2 – ?: @dtcflo2

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Soft grip on the lunges

The lunges aren’t heavy enough for them to be a limiting factor for most people. They’re there to put space in between the other movements. This workout is going to be won on how well you handle the toes to bar and muscle-ups.

When you’re lunging with the dumbbells, rest the rear head on top of your shoulder, and don’t death grip the handle. If you can, maintain a relaxed grip, and move quickly to minimize time under tension. After 25ft, either put the dumbbell down, or release your grip a little before starting back.

Use the swing, get under the dumbbell clean

Be thankful it’s not a squat clean, and use the momentum of the swing to get under the dumbbell. Don’t pull it higher than you need to, because you need that grip and pulling power for the rig.

Remember that you only need to touch one dumbbell head to the ground on the clean.

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Break the toes to bar early

If you know that 16 toes to bar are going to smoke your grip, then break them into two sets of eight, or go 10 and six.

The time you lose by dropping down, you’ll make up in consistency.

Hips high on the bar muscle-ups

A great cue on the bar muscle-up, is to imagine pulling your bellybutton to the bar. Once you’re high enough, the key is to dive your head over the bar, in the most aggressive sit-up ever.

Watch CrossFit’s tutorial on bar muscle-ups for more information.

Key Points For 17.2

  • Play to your strengths to give yourself more time on weaker movements
  • Don’t death grip the dumbbell on the lunges
  • Keep the dumbbell high on the shoulders
  • Get under the clean as fast as possible

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Pull high, be patient, then aggressive on the muscle-up
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