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We’re joining our buddies across the Atlantic this week, as we get into the spirit of savings. Big, huge, double-under-loving savings! Yes, it’s almost Black Friday time at Velites, and starting midnight on Friday 25th November, we’ll be offering 20% of absolutely everything.


Get fitter, faster and stronger in time to cram a whole turkey down your neck by the time Thanksgiving comes around, and save on gifts for friends, family, or that special coach who got you your first squat snatch.

All included in the Velites Black Friday sale:

VRopes Fire 2.0

The world’s best, fastest, most stylish competition jump rope. Trusted by box owners, professional athletes and world champion jump roper Adrienn Banhegyi.

The Fire 2.0 is Velites most advanced jump rope, with a unique screw-in cable design and a choice of three cable weights. Our anodized handles are corrosion-resistant, and virtually indestructible. The bar knurling finish makes slipping a thing of the past, and if you want to step it up, you can unscrew the handles and add up to 100g per side.

Venhance lotions

Venhance lotions-polar-magma-velites

Cool and Warm
, we’ve lotions to keep your skin healthy and your muscles in great shape. Be prepared. Warm up faster, recovery effectively.

Great for CrossFitters who need to warm and cool down quickly, and for those training with minor injuries. When you feel better, you move better, and our Venhance lotions are designed to get you back on track, right away.

VRopes weights

VRopes weights-velites-double-unders

For use in the VRopes Fire and Fire 2.0 handles, add up 100g per handle and improve your strength as you skip.

Give weighted double-unders a try, and see how training with weighted handles can help to improve both strength and stamina.

Velites Intense Hand Repair Balm

Velites Intense Hand Repair Balm

Made with natural propolis, oil and plant extracts, soothe CrossFit hands and repair cuts and tears quickly with our new intense hand repair balm. It’ll help to patch up sore hands in no time, and it’s great for dry skin.

All clothing and accessories

All clothing and accessories

If you haven’t tried our brand new intense hand repair balm yet, now you can get it for 20% less. Discounts, too, on all clothing. Keep an eye on social media and sign up for the Velites newsletter, to be among the first to know when the fittest Black Friday deals in Europe are ready to drop.

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