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We are pleased to announce that we partner with one of the most successful training programs out there: The Progrm by John Singleton. 

Being able to be part of the daily routines of elite Athletes and a winning methodology with The Progrm is undoubtedly a dream come true for us. 

In Velites our mission is to advance athletes towards their fitness goals with greater chances of success. 

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“We expect to surprise The Progrm’s athletes with the versatility of the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope. Hopefully, it will be their secret weapon to give them an edge for competitive Jump Roping. ” 

Matias Hernandez : CEO Velites 

“We are excited to begin our partnership with Velites. As a company that has managed to redesign and improve the Jump Rope from the ground up, we look forward to our athletes taking advantage of this during competitions and training when it is needed the most.”

John Singleton: Head Coach, The Progrm

The Progrm supports athletes in becoming the best athletes they can be. 

We couldn’t be more excited to join forces together to multiply this joint mission. 

We believe the combined effort from the innovation in product design brought by Velites and the highly effective approach to training by The Progrm is a winning combo that will have a beneficial impact on athletes right from the start. 

Including Earth 2.0 Jump rope into The Progrms Wod programming will be just the start of several collaborations that we will be doing together during the following months. 

Stay tuned for more information at Social Networks and our e-mail list. 

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